Writing Portfolio 
Writing Portfolio

Web Content

Success Stories and Profiles

Stories bring experiences to life and play a key part in achieving your goal whether it is demonstrating your impact or increasing sales. I have crafted stories and clear content for companies, non-profits, and universities since 2003. 

  • “My Expat Story”: Wrote an interview featuring travel company owner Peter Jones using Global Living Magazine‘s editorial guidelines. This story got published within a few days, giving more exposure to the company.
  • “From Manila to Canada”: Published this story featuring new immigrant Red Amancio who found a job within weeks of arriving in Canada. This story helped successfully recruit more clients for a government program that teaches newcomers how to secure jobs.
  • Attorney profiles on Upcounsel.com: Wrote 400 lawyer profiles with a quick turnaround time for the SEO company Mushi Labs. I received a perfect project rating from the manager. 
Travel Guides and Blogs

My curiosity of the world has driven me to explore the most remote and renowned places in over 20 countries. I have shared my unique experiences and unconventional recommendations in TripAdvisor’s travel guides as well as guest posts for various travel sites. 


Writing Portfolio

Print Content

Marketing Materials

I have written a variety of marketing copy including recruitment emails that converted leads into clients. The audiences I have successfully targeted range from tech professionals, housing managers, and high end travelers to Asia. 

Job Applications

I have helped everyone from elementary school teachers, tech professionals, and bus drivers for seniors land interviews.


With my personalized approach to crafting a targeted cover letter, résumé, LinkedIn profiles, and portfolio that makes it easy for employers to read.

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