Writing Portfolio 
Writing Portfolio

Web Content

Client Web Pages

These are a few of over 80 webpages I have written for the clients of 2marketing, a leading SEO and web design agency in Toronto. Once the SEO manager provides me with the identified keywords, I integrate them in a natural way while keeping in mind the target audiences and key messages.

Client Blogs

I have written many blog posts for private clients and past employers to increase web traffic, share success stories and demonstrate an organization’s expertise. The SEO-optimized blogs based on the keywords that are identified by the SEO manager or after conducting my own keyword research with various tools.

Here are a few published client blog posts:

  • “9 Ways We Could See Canadian Federal Government Grants for SMEs in 2019“: This post is SEO-optimized along with all of the other blog articles on the site. I collaborate with grant consultants, the CEO and marketing manager to write two blog posts a month for Granted Consulting, a company that helps businesses secure grant funding. 
  •  “From Manila to Canada“: This guest post featured a client success story to promote the national Settlement Online Pre-Arrival program which helps newcomers to Canada find jobs in their field faster. This story was integrated in our outreach emails to leads and played a key part in increasing our registration rates by 40% in three months.
  • “3 Days in Phnom Penh“: One of 14 travel guides I was hired to write by TripAdvisor to promote must-see attractions and local gems.  
Writing Portfolio

Print Content

Marketing Materials

I have written a variety of marketing copy including recruitment emails that converted leads into clients. The audiences I have successfully targeted range from tech professionals, housing managers and high end travelers to Asia.

Job Applications

I have helped everyone from elementary school teachers, tech professionals and bus drivers for seniors land interviews. I use a personalized approach to crafting a targeted cover letter, résumé, LinkedIn profiles and portfolio that makes it easy for employers to read.

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