• 12 years of communication experience including producing web content, managing social media accounts, and writing articles for non-profit and private organizations
  • 3 years of experience as a job coach at Simon Fraser University’s Co-operative Education Program
  • Track record of implementing effective communication strategies that have met or exceeded employers’ goals

Communications and Marketing

Freelance Writer

  • Write commissioned travel guides and event descriptions for TripAdvisor
  • Write product descriptions on the health website paleoratings.com
  • Wrote 400 summaries of lawyers’ biographies for the digial marketing company Mushi Labs

Online Facilitator
MOSAIC, Settlement Online Pre-Arrival Program (Present)

  • Teach two communication courses online to immigrants who are planning to work in Canada
  • Provide feedback on participants’ assignments, facilitate online discussions, and provide useful resources for their profession
  • Manage the program’s Twitter account to engage relevant stakeholders
  • Promote the program through relevant organizations

Communications Manager
See Asia Differently, Cambodia (2014)

  • Developed key messaging guidelines for the staff to follow in the production of any communication and marketing materials
  • Managed the social media accounts and increased user engagement
  • Edited and wrote weekly blog posts for the company website
  • Wrote, edited, and designed the company’s travel portfolio to distribute to travel agencies in Australia and England

Communications and Social Media Officer
People EmPowering Youth (non-profit), Cambodia (2013)

  • Collaborated with local Cambodian and international staff to produce a monthly newsletter, quarterly reports, and regular blog articles 
  • Managed the Facebook and Twitter pages to engage people in conversations related to education, responsible tourism, and international development
  • Trained 12 staff members on resumes and cover letters to enhance their skills and share techniques with their Cambodian students

PEPY Tours (social enterprise)

  • Organized educational trips for tour groups who wanted to learn more about Cambodia and all of the profits were donated to the company’s sister non-profit PEPY
  • Co-led a two-week tour around Cambodia for a group of 15 university students and teachers that integrated daily discussions on topics like responsible tourism
  • Ensured that we answered all of the group’s questions and provided support for those who were struggling to integrate into Cambodia

Coordination and Training

Community Coordinator
Collingwood Neighbourhood House, Vancouver (2011–2013)

  • Co-Coordinated a program that provided non-medical services to senior residents in Vancouver including transportation and housekeeping services
  • Developed a housekeeping workshop to properly train housekeepers and implement new policies 
  • Collaborated with community leaders to do grassroots outreach in the community about the programs
  • Trained volunteers on how to do community outreach to seniors
  • Created a website to promote our services to people and share stories

Student Advisor
Simon Fraser University’s Co-operative Education Program, Surrey and Burnaby (2006–2007, 2011–2013)

  • Wrote marketing materials for communication, computing science, kinesiology, and interactive arts & technology students to recruit them into the program and gain practical work experience
  • Coached domestic and international students individually on the job search curriculum and facilitated group training workshops on online portfolios, resumes, cover letters, and interviews so students were empowered to share their ideas
  • Assessed students’ documents to ensure they were up to industry standard and created specific action plans
  • Wrote additional job training materials to enhance the learning process and worked with my team to place 60 students in jobs every semester

Community Development Coordinator
Quality Program Services, BC Hydro’s Energy Conservation Assistance Program, Vancouver (2010–2011)

  • Educated low-income residents on how to apply for free energy upgrades through BC Hydro’s Energy Conservation Assistance Program
  • Developed and executed outreach strategies that tripled revenue in one fiscal year
  • Collaborated with non-profit housing organizations, Crown Corporation staff, and residents to implement energy-efficient upgrades
  • Trained staff on how to use the customer relationship system that managed client, government, community, and corporate contacts efficiently

Academic Education

Simon Fraser University
B.A. Arts, Communication Major and Dialogue Minor (2003–2008)

  • In the School of Communication, I was trained to write clearly, think holistically, and act strategically
  • In the Dialogue program, I learned to listen without judgment and coming to a mutual understanding during conversations with stakeholders


  • English: Native
  • French: Fluent

Technical Skills

  • Writing web content
  • Blogging
  • Social media marketing
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office, content management systems, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Prezi
  • Basic: HTML, Photoshop, InDesign, and Adobe Professional

People Skills

  • Strong relationship-builder
  • Staff and volunteer trainer
  • Program coordinator

Professional Training